Health Insurance for Expats or Foreigners in Thailand. "Elite Health Plus" 20-100 MB per year

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Health insurance

Awarded Health Insurance Products of The Year in 2020-2022 

Health Insurance in Thailand for Expats or Foreigners.
 Health is always an important matter in our life. Comprehensive health coverage can satisfy your needs, and make you feel confident.

 Elite Health Plus Providing lump sum benefit of 20-100 million Baht per year with coverage for general diseases, critical illnesses in all stages, epidemics and accidents. You can also access advanced medical treatments, and have no worries about inpatient (IPD) and outpatient (OPD) medical expenses For coverage plan 40, 75 or 100 MB.

 Coverage Epidemics, Criticall Illnesses, General Diseases and Accidents

 IPD Coverage Standard single room at any hospital or special single room at 10,000-25,000 Baht per day

 OPD Coverage  Access treatment technologies including Targeted therapy, Chemotherapy, MRI and CT scan

 ICU room The benefit is provided as charged for up to 365 days

 Annual lump sum payment Receiving OPD coverage according to the chosen plan

Plus coverage of your choice
• Maternity Plus Endorsement

• Well-Being Plus Endorsement 
• Hospital Benefit Rider (worldwide)
• Outpatient (OPD) medical expenses for coverage plan 20 MB.
• Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Rider

Elite Health Plus Rider
Enhance the Coverage to Suit Your Lifestyle

The world is uncertain. People are always at risk of exposure to an emerging disease. It is crucial to have a health plan because, without good planning, savings of yours and your family’s may be affected.

Confidently meet the needs of life with Elite Health Plus Rider that provides long-term and high coverage until retirement, allowing you to access advanced technologies, and upgrading your self-care to suit your lifestyle.


3 Steps to Choose the Right Ultimate Plan for you

1. Choose sum insured and coverage plan
• Plan 20 MB/year
• Plan 40 MB/year
• Plan 75 MB/year
• Plan 100 MB/year

2. Choose your coverage area from 4 areas around the world. 
• Thailand

• Asia (46 countries)
• Worldwide excluding USA and US Minor Outlying Islands
• Worldwide

3. Plus additional health coverage as you wish
• Maternity Plus Endorsement
• Well-Being Plus Endorsement including Annual health check up fee, Vaccination fee, Eye care fee and Dentistry fee
• Hospital Benefit Rider (worldwide)
• Outpatient (OPD) medical expenses for coverage plan 20 MB.
• Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Rider

Health insurance


Elite Health Plus Rider 

 This contract is an individual insurance benefit rider and is a part of the main insurance contract that this rider is attached to. All benefits under this contract will be paid out when the assured has an injury caused by an accident or an illness that occurred after the waiting-period and has a medical necessity to undergo a medical treatment in the hospital (or medical facility) according to medical necessity and standard at general and normal medical service fee and at actual expense but not exceeding the maximum benefit, specified in the benefit table in this rider.

 This Elite Health Plus premium varies based on increasing age range. The Company shall notify in writing at least 30 days in advance via registered mail or other method



1.  Inpatient benefits
2. Emergency Benefits

3. Outpatient Benefits  

Health insurance
Health insurance

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Health Insurance
Outside of the chosen coverage area
Coverage area for Elite Health Plus Rider :
This rider shall provide coverage for medical treatment in the coverage area chosen by the insured.

   In case of medical treatment outside of the coverage area chosen by the insured, the Company shall provide coverage according to the benefit schedule for the following cases.
1. Bodily injury from accident
2. Emergency illness
In this regard, for both above-mentioned cases, the first hospitalization in an hospital outside of the coverage area must occur within the first 90 days of each travel outside of the coverage area. The Company shall provide coverage for reasonable and necessary expense occurred from medical treatement based on medical necessity and medical standard in such country.

No Worries About Room Fee
 Cover actual standard single room fee even if it is higher in the future. Example of Room Fee for Plan 20 Million Baht
 Coverage for room fee of 10,000 Baht per day or not exceeding the price of a standard single room (whichever is higher)


Ask for your Premium or Any question : 
Napatcha Pongwattanakitkul, CFP®, MDRT2021-2023
Line ID : napatcha0088
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Exclusions of the HEALTH INSURANCE rider with a total of 21 clauses are as follows:

The rider shall not cover medical expenses or damages that incurred from injury or illness (including its complications), conditions, or abnormality that arise from:

1. Conditions resulting from congenital abnormality or congenital disability or genetic disorder or physical developmental abnormality unless the rider has been effective for at least one year (1 year) and symptom is symptomatic after the insured attains the age of 16.

2. Cosmetic surgery or any other diagnosis or treatments for skin beauty purposes, pimple, blemish, and freckles treatment, dandruff and hair fall treatment, or weight control, or elective surgeries, except for reconstructive surgery required after an accident incurred whilst the rider is effective

3. Pregnancy, miscarriage, abortion, childbirth, any pregnancy complications, infertility resolution (including diagnosis and treatment), sterilization or birth control, except Choriocarcinoma

4. AIDS, venereal disease, or sexually transmitted diseases which include Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome caused by HIV virus including opportunistic infections, Malignant Neoplasm, or any other infections or illnesses, which the blood test shows positive HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus), opportunistic infections including, but not limited to, Pneumocystis Carinii Pneumonia, Organism Causes Chronic Enteritis, Disseminated Virus and/or Fungi Infection, Malignant Neoplasm. It also includes, but not limited to, Kaposi’s Sarcoma, Central Nervous System Lymphoma and/or any other critical illness known in modern medical that it is a condition of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome or a cause for someone’s sudden death, illness or disability. AIDS includes HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) causing Encephalopathy Dementia

5. Anti-aging diagnosis, treatment or prevention by consuming drugs or substances, hormone replacement therapy for peri-menopausal and postmenopausal women, male or female sexual malfunction, any sexual disorder treatments and sex change surgery

6. General medical checkup, individual request for admission in a hospital, or individual request for surgery, rest recovery or rest cure, or hospitalization with assistant, diagnosis or treatment which is not directly related to the illness that is the reason of hospitalization, diagnosis of injury or illness, treatment or diagnosis to find a cause which is not a medical necessity or not based on medical standard

7. Diagnosis and treatments of ophthalmic disorders and LASIK surgeries, expenses on visual aids or treatment of vision abnormality

8. Dental diagnosis, treatment or surgery, including dentures, dental crowns, root canal treatments, fillings, orthodontics, scaling, extractions, dental implants, unless necessitated by an accidental injury; however, for such incidents, coverage shall not be provided for false tooth/teeth and dental crowns and root canal treatments or dental implants

9. Treatment or rehabilitation for narcotic substance, cigarette, alcohol or psychotropic substances

10. Diagnosis and treatment for mental illnesses or disorders, psychiatric or psychological or behavioral illnesses, or personality disorders, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), autism, stress, eating disorders or anxiety

11. Treatment under experiment, treatment or diagnosis on obstructive sleep apnea, treatment or diagnosis on sleep disorders and snoring 

12. Inoculation or vaccination, except rabies vaccination after animal attack, and tetanus toxoid after injury

13. Diagnosis and treatment other than conventional medicine, including alternative medicine

14. Expenses incurred from the diagnosis and treatment that the insured as physician prescribed for himself/herself and also such expenses that incurred from order of physician who is the insured’s father, mother, spouse, or child

15. Suicide, attempted suicide, self-inflicted injury or an attempt to inflict self-injury, either by oneself or by a consent to allow others to commit such act and either under a state of insanity or not. This shall include accident arising from the insured’s eating, drinking or injecting drug or toxic substance into one’s body and taking overdose of prescriptive medication

16. Any injury arising from act of the insured
   (1) while the insured is under the influence of alcohol or narcotic drug or substance that impairs the insured’s mental faculty, or
   (2) while the insured is under the influence of alcohol” is in case of having blood alcohol concentration (BAC) test result of 150 mg/dL or over, or
   (3) While the insured in under the influence of alcohol that impairs the insured’s mental faculty in case the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) cannot be tested.

17. Any injury arising while the insured is committing a felony or while the insured is being arrested or under arrest or escaping the arrest

18. Any injury arising while the insured is engaging in car or boat racing of every type, horse racing, ski racing of every type, including jet ski, skating competition, or boxing, parachuting (except for the purpose of life saving), engaging or competing in paramotoring, gliding, boarding or disembarking or traveling in a balloon,bungee jumping, diving with oxygen tank and breathing apparatus

19. War, invasion, act of foreign enemies or warlike actions whether declared or undeclared, or civil war, insurrection, rebellion, riot, strike, civil commotion, revolution, coup d’etat, proclamation of martial law or any incident causing the proclamation or maintenance of martial law

20. Terrorism that arises from action involving the use of force or violence and/or threat made by a person or a group of persons, either acting alone or on behalf of others or related to any organizations or governments that is carried out for political, religious, or cultic causes or other similar purposes, including an action aimed to cause governments and/or public or a part of the public to be under a state of fright or fear.

21. Radiation or radioactivity from any nuclear fuel or nuclear waste arising from the combustion of nuclear fuel and any self-sustaining process of nuclear fission chain reaction


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Health insurance


Disclaimer: This English translation is intended for reference only. The Thai version shall be the only legally binding version. In the event of discrepancy between the Thai version and the English translation, the Thai version shall always prevail. 

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